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Our Mission

The Future of Refrigerant Reclaim

To provide beneficial services of real value and substance – with ease – that will simplify the day-to-day operations of mechanical contractors; in turn, strengthening their ability to serve their customer. Yes, we are a refrigerant company, but that is our purpose – plain and simple.

About Us

From our beginnings, we were determined to deliver the most efficient and compliant methods by which mechanical service providers could handle recovered refrigerants. Today we have evolved and progressed as a company with a unique approach to refrigerant reclamation that has enabled us to deliver our services to an ever growing list of clientele.

As a former field technician, our founder understood the hardships, costs, and potential EPA/DOT violations contractors faced when dealing with recovered refrigerants. The process was inefficient, disorganized, and lacked an infrastructure for regulatory support. Contractors were forced to visit their distributor for cylinder exchanges or use valuable time to consolidate refrigerants in house. Both options were inefficient, costly, and labor intensive.

There needed to be a more viable method for handling recovered refrigerant. A solution that would increase availability of quality cylinders, eliminate labor/time, provide EPA/DOT compliance, and create a profit center for recovered refrigerant. Consolidated Refrigerant Solutions developed The Recovery Cylinder Solution®, a reclaim program for mechanical service providers that delivers on these four criteria.  The result, by many standards, is a program that’s extremely convenient and comprehensive – a fully integrated and profitable cylinder management reclaim program.

If you’re seeking a more practical alternative for your reclaim needs, or, simply would like to build a rewarding partnership with many distinct benefits, consider a unified relationship with Consolidated Refrigerant Solutions.