Cylinder Reconditioning

How important is Cylinder Reconditioning?

Do you know about the dangers of neglected cylinders? Read this article to learn more

Damaged unsafe refrigerant reclaim cylindersCylinder Reconditioning

We implement an extensive refurbishing process on each cylinder after each exchange free of charge as part of our Complete Cylinder Management Service. Unlike other services (i.e. in-house consolidation or at-shop recovery) that require you continue to use the same cylinder over and over regardless of quality, pressure rating, or certification, all DOT certified cylinders provided by CRS are of the highest quality and highest pressure rating. It comes down to a matter of safety and DOT compliance. When you continue to use the same cylinder over-and-over…day-after-day; year-after-year without reconditioning, re-certification, or a thorough safety inspection, your company is left exposed to potential safety issues and DOT compliance issues. With our service, you’re never exposed to the potential safety hazards of neglected cylinders and are never at risk of violating DOT regulations.