Complete Cylinder Management

Field Technician and Complete Cylinder ManagementIn addition to creating a profit center for returned refrigerant, our reclaim program is widely regarded as the most comprehensive and compliant recovery cylinder exchange service available – anywhere. It can be summed up in three words – Complete Cylinder Management. And the program delivers just that; a fully integrated recovery cylinder exchange service that is devoid of nothing except for fees and invoices. Our service, appropriately named The Recovery Cylinder Solution®, offers everything a contractor needs in a reclaim program – profitable recovery, on-site exchanges, high quality/safe/certified cylinders, and it sets the standard for EPA and DOT compliance.

Buyback of your recovered R22 and other valuable refrigerantsMore than a Buy Back Program!

    • Buyback of your recovered R22 and other valuable refrigerants
    • Reclaim and acceptance of all refrigerants
    • High quality, 400PSI rated DOT certified cylinders
    • No in-house consolidation – exchange of 50lb or 30lb cylinders
    • EPA compliance – Centralized Record Keeping
    • No fees, no invoices, and no upfront costs if you own your own cylinders
    • Empty cylinders on-site at your shop when you need them

The Recovery Cylinder Solution® is, a uniquely designed service that provides contractors with the most profitable, efficient, convenient, compliant and comprehensive reclaim program available – ANYWHERE.

The Process and How It Works

If you’re like most contractors you already own 400 PSI recovery cylinders. If not and you need to purchase cylinders or if you simply want more cylinders to obtain maximum payout on your recovered refrigerant, we can provide cylinders to you at a very fair and reasonable price.

When your cylinders are full and you need empties, simply call us and you’ll be scheduled in for an exchange. The truck comes to your shop and your full cylinders are exchanged for empties. Each cylinder is exchanged with one of our high quality DOT certified cylinders. Each cylinder you receive is evacuated, shrink wrapped, pre-tagged and ready to go. It’s virtually, a hands-off process – for you!

When your cylinders arrive back to our shop, each one is weighed, tested, and analyzed. We document cylinder serial numbers, total weight (refrigerant and contaminants), refrigerant type and/or an analysis of refrigerant mixtures present in each cylinder and removal date. Your data is immediately uploaded to our secure Reclaim Data Management System® where your records and credits are available for you to view via log in within 1-2 days. When you need another pick-up/exchange, call us again and the process is repeated…it’s that simple.

Compare CRS to Others

When comparing the viability of various recovery/reclaim programs, contractors should not ignore factors such as the TIME, LABOR, AND FEES that might be associated with a particular program. Nor should they disregard the importance COMPLIANCE AND CYLINDER SAFETY

Various “buyback” programs require your precious time for emptying cylinders and logging refrigerant data while others will empty cylinders at your shop but charge numerous fees do so. Utilizing your labor or being charged for this function can actually negate the profit from the “payout, buyback, or credit” and, in fact could even cost you.

Additionally, these services do nothing to address the very important issue of cylinder maintenance; which, when neglected, can raise some serious Compliance and Safety issues. In the end, you’re inevitably left with a neglected fleet of recovery cylinders and possible charges for under-filled cylinders!

Over-the-counter programs do provide you with quality cylinders but still involve travel and down time. Larger contractors with many techs can find themselves left with a multitude of documents from numerous sources leaving their company devoid of a centralized EPA record keeping platform.

With our service, “WE” maintain your cylinders, “WE” provide centralized EPA record keeping, and “WE” charge “ZERO”fees. So you can count on keeping all of the profits from your returned refrigerant. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.